Friday, November 20, 2015

MN Comprehensive Home Care Software

PALs has simplified it's setup for Minnesota Home Care provides licensed under the Comprehensive Home Care rules.

PALs contains a unique User-Defined Assessment component. We have added templates, to meet the requirements for this new home care rule. Users can edit these components to make it "theirs".

New Templates Added include:

1. Baseline RN Assessment to guide individual client assessment as required to be completed within 5 days of initiation of home care services by a RN and In-Person in the client's residence.

2. Medication Assistance Assessment - To determine if client need's Medication Management Plan.

3. Medication/ Treatment /Therapy Management Plan - must be completed prior to providing medication management services by a RN in a Face-to-Face meeting. Complete Annually thereafter. PALs will print a report showing when this assessment is next due.

4. Monitoring and Reassessment - must be completed within 14 days after initiation of services then every 90 days thereafter. PALs will print a report showing when this assessment is next due. This report will (optionally) integrate supervision done under Plan Supervision and Progress Notes form.

5. Vulnerable Adult - Complete prior to service plan, then as needed or at Change of Condition.

6. Incident Report - for quality management purposes, and links to "Complaint Report" in PALs QI Projects component.

7. Employee Performance Appraisal - To document Annual Training and print report showing dates next due.

8. Supervision of Unlicensed Personnel (ULP) - must be supervised by an RN within 30 days after the individual begins work and thereafter as needed based on performance. This requirement also applies to staff that have not performed delegated tasks for one year.

Using the above is easy as 1-2-3.

1. select the TEMPLATE
2. select either a Client or Staff
3. complete the template using predefined choices, or enter free text.

In addition to printing a report showing dates due for re-assessment, PALs will also display a "Nursing Alert" as due dates come closer.

For more information, a demo, or a free trial, call 877-724-7257 or go to