Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nursing Alerts

PALs Software has added Nursing Alerts to it's assisted living software.

PALs has always printed reports to remind nurses of actions that need to be taken that relate to clinical care or regulatory compliance, but with this new feature, nurses are automatically notified when they log on to PALs.

The Nursing Alerts include:

1. Medication Compliance
2. Medication Ordering
3. Physician Orders Due
4. Nursing Assessment & Care Plan reviews
5. Resident Annual MD Visit and Orders
6. Resident Health Insurance Expirations
7. Service Authorization Expiration Dates
8. Staff Training Hours related to requirements
9. Staff TB Testing Due

PALs Software is in its 10th year of operation, and continues to meet the needs of assisted living providers to remain compliant with regulations and provide quality care while remaining profitable.