Thursday, January 31, 2008

Customer Service

I had a nurse call yesterday to say she was delighted to find that PALs has a Standing Orders feature that eliminates having to enter the same medication into all residents medication list. But...

She wanted to control the number of lines for documenting on the related MAR. So if a standing order was limited to one time daily, only one line would print and if a medication could be given every 2 hours up to six times daily, six lines would print on the MAR.

After a little discussion and clarification, we agreed to make the changes and had an update to her within four hours of the request.

So now PALs has an enhanced feature, thanks to our customer, that is available for you to download from our website at
when you download our PALs Executive program - the Standard in Assisted Living Software.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lead Manager for Assisted Living Communities

PALs is pleased to offer it's Lead Managers program FREE to Assisted Living Communities that download PALs Executive - Assisted Living software.

PALs Lead Management software offers the following features:

1. Track leads through a user-defined phases (pipeline). 1 Inquiry -> 2 Tour -> 3 Negotiation -> 4 Move-In and report both numbers in the "pipeline" and ratio's of Leads to Tours / Negotiation / Move-In.

2. Add marketing dollars and print report to show cost per lead.

3. Assign each lead to a "Lead Manager" and document each contact and optionally set a "To Do" date for follow up.

4. Each day the Lead Manager reviews their "To Do" list and takes approproate action.

5. Quickly and easily print form letters or send emails or merge to WORD Documents.

6. And when your lead Move's In, data is automatically sent to PALs Assisted Living Software.

7. PALs Lead Manager can be used for contacts other than "Leads" to serve as your general "contact manager".

8. Includes 25+ reports including mailing labels.

Happy New Year - and please download your lead manager from our website at: