Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Audit Tool Added

PALs has recently added an Audit Tool. This enhancement not only tracks who has access to Personal Health Information (PHI), but limits their access according to user-group, and also documents changes to records, noting both previous and changed data.

For Example, Aides may be restricting to only viewing certain information; while nurses may view and enter new records, change existing records, or delete records.

The audit tool will "TRACK" when an aide logs-in capturing their name, id, date and time; and what action they took (printed shift assignment sheet), and when they log-out.

If a nurse logs-in and changes a record, an audit trail will identify who the nurse is, the date and time of the record change, and the previous and changed values of the changed record. So if a medication is changed from ASA 250mg to ASA 500mg, both these values as captured along with the date and time and name of the person making the change.

PALs continues to build on user requests and changes in the regulatory environment.