Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rent Roll report for Assisted Living Communities

PALs has added a new report to our over 100 reports to consolidate data into what is commonly known as a "Rent Roll" for Assisted Living Communities.

A Rent-Role report is a monthly report showing all units or apartments, occupied and vacant, and the related revenue that is generated by each occupied apartment. This report further divides the revenue into Services and Non-Service related categories.

What makes our Rent Roll unique, is that we follow this report with a follow-up report showing where the Service Revenue originates (what specific services or service packages are most popular) and the related staff costs to provide these services. So the final BALANCE after charges column tells us what services we provide most profitably.

For a short video of this report, click HERE and visit our website at www.PALsSoftware.com to download a trial copy for your review.