Sunday, December 31, 2006

Assisted Living Software - Quality and Systems

Peter Drucker, the famous management guru, defined quality as simply a "reduction in variation". If there is a "right way" to do things, then the variation around this "right way" needs to be minimized. If there is no "right way", then your organization adds no value!

By carefully defining your "value added" as the "right way" and transmitting this to your employees, you create a "competitive advantage".

In addition to defining this "right way" in your Policies and Procedures" and otherwise transmitting this to your employees, I suggest that software is another tool or system to use in improving the quality of your organization.

Consider the following example. You decide that your organization will distinguish itself by doing what it says it will do, on time, and meet or exceed resident expectations in the process.

Your software should print a resident Service Agreement, to specify what services will be provided, when (time), by whom (shift) and how long (in minutes). This Agreement is signed by both parties.

Now when staff come to work, their "shift assignment sheet" is printed to remind staff of promises made to residents. After the service is completed, the resident may be asked to initial and evaluate the service.

These same services are printed on a Resident specific documentation form, which is initialed by the staff person and used to verify that services were provided. The final step, is to print an invoice that reflects the services provided (including any additional services).

The above process is facilitated by having systems in place, a software program, that, once the services are entered, will automatically generate the Resident Service Agreement, Shift Assignment sheet, Service Documentation form, and monthly invoice.