Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Staff Work Schedules and Time Records

PALs will easily create staff schedules and allow previous week schedules to be duplicated or advanced by simply changing the begin_on date. This works well when schedules rotate on a regular basis. Now you simply make edits to reflect any changes, such as requested time off. Staff_Schedule

PALs will also post this schedule to a new table to keep tract of the hours that employees actually work. So, again, we edit by exception. When someone does not work the hours they were scheduled, you simply edit to reflect the actual hours worked.

When a pay period ends, you print a report showing actual hours worked. This data may also be exported to Excel. Staff_TimeRecord

Because we have both the work schedule, showing who was expected to be working, and we have the actual hours or who did work, we can print a report to show "Staff Who Missed Shifts" or "Staff Who Worked Extra". These reports will post to staff notes, so that at time of staff review, the data is available.

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