Sunday, February 24, 2008

MAR - Medication Administration Record

PALs Assisted Living Software is pleased to offer the Medication Manager. This program sells for only $250.

Enter medications once and print MARs, Physician Orders, and Pharmacy re-order reports. Other reports include Medication Setup (when using a dosage box system), Medication Profiles, and a variety of Medication lists as well as a resident roster.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can Software Help to Increase Profits?

Absolutely. But it is how they assist that makes all the difference. As a rule, there are two approaches:

1. Track all services (minutes) provided and bill for it. Revenue side focus.
2. Provide management with the tools they need to manage Profits = Revenue - Costs

Option 1 is doable in most software today by simply adding an "ala carte" or one-time service for billing purposes. The downside of this approach is that is does not control your costs, staff hours, and may result in compromised customer satisfaction. Residents feel that staff/management only see them as dollar signs!

Option 2 focuses on relating service pricing and staffing hours so that all staffing hours are paid for, thus controlling costs, and any increase in revenue goes straight to the bottom line.

PALs will support your efforts in either approach. See "7 Step to Profits" (below), for further discussion of option2.

What PALs offers, and most others don't, is the ability to enter your staff work schedule and compute the "Shift Productivity Ratio" (service hours per shift/staffing hours per shift). By using this Ratio in both pricing and developing staff work schedules, all staffing hours will be paid-for. Since additional services would represent additional revenue, staff are really profit-centers, NOT cost-centers.

With the management tools provided by PALs, incentives are aligned: Staff do not feel overworked, management has no incentive to understaff, and most importantly, residents feel valued as individuals and not as dollar signs.

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