Tuesday, May 27, 2008

PALs Medication Manager Links to Vigilan Software

Another opportunity has come our way!

Vigilan software users can now link to PALs Medication Manager. This way, Vigilan users do not have to re-enter resident data and they can utilize PALs Medication Manager and print MARs and other reports.

To get started, all they need to do is visit our website and download the Medication Manager program and call for an activation code. AND like all our users, they can try it free for 7 days prior to purchasing.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

MAR More Enhancements

PALs Medication Manager has been enhanced to include not only the MAR, Medication Administration Record, but now you can use this same format to enter and document services or monitor meals.

For example, instead of entering Meds, simply enter a service like, AM Cares or Bath or PM Cares, as a med name and create a documentation record like the one shown HERE.

Or enter meals, breakfast - lunch - supper, as a "med" and create a meal monitoring report like the one shown HERE.

Thanks to suggestions from our users, PALs Assisted Living Software just keeps getting better! For more information, visit our website at http://www.palssoftware.com/

Monday, May 5, 2008

MAR - Medication Administration Record - Enhancements

After recently releasing an updated version of our popular MAR for Assisted Living Communities, it came under increased scrutiny resulting in the following enhancements.

ORDER Meds - you can now "order" meds on the MAR so they don't just show in the order they are entered. Meds are separated into two groupings: Scheduled and PRN Meds. Now within each of these grouping, you can determine the order in which meds appear.

REPEAT Med Every ___ Days. This scheduling option was not previously supported. Instead, you could enter either "Odd" or "Even" days. But users quickly pointed out that this is a problem when a month has 31 days, as then two "Odd" days come together. So now when you want to schedule a medication for "Odd" days, you simply start it on an "Odd" day and repeat it every 2 days. This has the added advantage of scheduling every 7 days (weekly), or 30 days (monthly) or every 180 days (6 months).

So PALs Software continues to evolve thanks to our loyal users who provide valuable feedback.

For more information on PALs Software for Assisted Living Communities, please visit our website at: www.PALsSoftware.com