Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Don’t Buy Assisted Living Software!

You don’t really want to buy assisted living software, what you want to do is find a solution to a problem and put systems in place to ensure resident-centered quality care.

For example, if you want to improve your medication management, and put a system in place to ensure medication orders are renewed as needed and the medications administered (and documented) as orders, you may want to consider PALs Medication Manager.

If you want to ensure that Resident service agreements meet standards, that services are given as agreed, and invoiced appropriately, PALs Executive would put the necessary systems in place. With this system, your organization integrity is protected as you will be doing what you agreed to do in the resident service agreements. PALs will print a daily shift assignment sheet for workers, so they what services to provide, and a documentation form to note conformity, or any variations.

If you are concerned about meeting other regulatory compliance issues, such as staff credentialing or training; or needs to supervise a residents plan of care or physician orders by certain dates, PALs has the systems for you.

If you may need to ensure that resident assessments meet regulatory requirements, and your agency’s needs. With PALs, you can create and customize your own assessments.

Finally, if you are finding it difficult to remain profitable, PALs has a one report that will monitor profitability, so you can review it when staff schedules are released, and monitor it daily for compliance. See 7 Steps to Profitability below.

To download a FREE trial of PALs, simply go to www.PALsSoftware.com .