Thursday, June 23, 2011

Staff Credentialing in Assisted Living

Assisted Living Communities are required by regulations to verify a variety of staff credentialing from criminal background checks to tuberculosis testing. How to keep track of them all, and add an agency's own requirements?

PALs approaches this through the assessment process and a customized report. Our assessment library now contains a Staff Credentialing template that you  can customize for your state and agency and print reports telling you what documentation is missing, or when CPR training is due, or when a license is about to expired.

See video below for more information, and to try this process yourself, simply download PALs FREE Trial from our website at

Click HERE for video of PALs Credentialing Process.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


PALs has completed another state's assisted living assessment.

PALs library of user-defined assessment now contains Georgia's "Physician's Medical Evaluation". This form not only contains the required data, but also is formated to look like the state's form.

To review this form and the entire PALs assisted living products, visit our website at www.PALsSoftware and download our FREE trial.