Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Assisted Living and Home Care Software Combined

PALs could always be setup as either Assisted Living or Home Care, but not both on the same installation. That is now changed.

So now communities using PALs that wish to provide visit-based home care in their neighborhood, or for prospects on their waiting list, or for past residents, or for current residents needing additional care, can now do so using their current PALs installation.

With a simple click of the mouse, a resident is added to the home care client list; or vice versa to add home care clients to your Assisted Living list. Both client demographic information and medications are transferred. Print the 485 form as your plan of care and physician orders, and assign services to individual staff, rather than a shift as done in the Assisted Living setup. Print staff and client schedules and monitor for compliance.

Staff can document visits either electronically (depending on internet access at the client's home) or using paper forms for latter entry into the computer.

Interested... please call for more information and a demonstration.